W H O  W E  A R E  A N D  W H A T  W E  D O


The „Imperathomas e. V.“ supports the namesake Thomas
Dommerdich in his charitable work as a fictional figure
„Imperathomas“. The purpose of the association is to collect
donations to help children suffering from cancer and their


The association organizes events such as charity events and
tombolas. The net proceeds are donated to the charity
Deutsche KinderKrebs-Hilfe (German aid for children with


T H E  E X E C U T I V E  B O A R D


From left to right:
Andreas Klettke (Deputy Chairman)
Thomas Dommerdich (Chairman)
Claudia Mensing (Secretary)
Ralf Mensing (Treasurer)

T H E N A M E S A K E : T H O M A S D O M M E R D I C H


He is a star Wars™ fan and collector from the very beginning:
Thomas Dommerdich.


Through his love and professionalism,
Thomas Dommerdich has created a far-reaching international
star Wars™ network over the decades. He maintains regular
contact with actors, dubbing actors, artists, dealers, foundations, associations and clubs.

But at some point he wanted to make more of his hobby.
Thomas Dommerdich came up with the idea to use his
Star Wars™ contacts for something good: To alleviate the
suffering of children diagnosed with cancer through the active
support of the German Children‘s Cancer Aid. One thing that
was very important to him personally and close to his heart,
and at which he has become extremely successful by now.

As a fictional character of Imperathomas and under the motto
„For the children - against cancer“, he was able to donate a large five-figure sum to the Stiftung Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe in the first three quarters of his career alone.


Every month, dozens of volunteers and numerous companies
make extensive material prizes available for the fundraising
tombolas he organises.
His social commitment was not unobserved: He has already
been reported about several times in regional daily newspapers, on social media channels, on radio and television.

T H E  D E U T S C H E  K I N D E R K R E B S H I L F E  – 

C H I L D R E N  C A N C E R  A I D


Every year, around half a million people in Germany, including
2,000 children and young people, contract cancer. The Stiftung
Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe was founded in 1996 by Deutsche
Krebshilfe. It provides help and advice to those affected and
is active throughout Germany in the fight against childhood

The German Cancer Aid and the German Children‘s Cancer
Aid finance almost all current therapy studies in children in
Germany. The successes of continuously improved
treatment concepts are impressive: Whereas three decades ago
the diagnosis of leukaemia in a child was like a death sentence,
today almost 80 percent of young patients survive this disease.
German Cancer Aid finances its activities exclusively from
donations and voluntary contributions from the population.
It does not receive any public funds.

Quelle: Homepage der Deutschen Krebshilfe (mit freundlicher Genehmigung)


The German Children‘s Cancer Aid provides funds for the
following areas:
• Establishment and expansion of children‘s cancer centres
and special wards - Development of treatment concepts
• Support of clinical and clinical research in paediatric oncology
• Furnishing of parental homes and apartments in the vicinity
of the clinic
• Support for after-care clinics specializing in cures for children
and adolescents with cancer and their families
• Promotion of teaching in the field of childhood cancer research
and treatment
• Awarding of research and further training scholarships
• Implementation of training and further education measures
as well as informational events and the publication of printed
material and other publications to improve the fight against
cancer in paediatric cancer medicine

O U R  R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y


Children with cancer need the help of all of us. Because the
burden of illness and treatment for the children and their
families is very distressing connected. The association has set
itself the task of alleviating this suffering. All members of
Imperathomas e. V. put their heart and soul into their work
with great personal commitment of this social responsibility.
The German Children‘s Cancer Aid Foundation, supported by
the association, is doing a great job, which is financed almost
exclusively by donations and voluntary contributions.


Please help us to continue our work for the benefit of the
children. Every donation counts and helps us, no matter
how small.
It goes without saying that all the funds entrusted to the
association are used according to the statutes and arrive where
they are needed: with the needy children and their families.

O U R P A T R O N :  H A N S - G E O R G  P A N C Z A K


Who would be better suited as patron than the German voice of Jedi master Luke Skywalker™ himself?

With Hans-Georg Panczak, the club has not only won one of the most famous German actors and dubbing actors as patron, but also a socially committed person.

Hans-Georg Panczak is known to the general public from many
series such as „Der Alte“, „Derrick“, „Siska“ or numerous
„Tatort“ episodes. As a dubbing artist, he also lends and awards well-known film characters - John-Boy Walton (Richard Thomas) in „Die Waltons“ and the cartoon character Waylon Smithers in „Die Simpsons“ - his voice.

W H E R E  W E  R A I S E D O N A T I O N S


We collect donations for the Children‘s Cancer Aid Foundation
in different ways:

• Charity tombolas: sale of raffle tickets. There are no rivets
here - every ticket wins!

• Private individuals and companies: Financial donations and
donations in kind. Donations in kind are usually given as
prizes to be raffled off at our tombola.

• Charity flea markets: donations in kind that are not suitable
for Tombolas are sold here.

• Imperathomas Charity Con: donations received within the
framework of the self-organized charity convention on the
topic of Star Wars™ (see pages 10-11).



Account holder: Imperathomas e. V.

Deutsche Skatbank

IBAN: DE78 8306 5408 0004 0387 89

H O W  Y O U  C A N  S H O W  Y O U R  S U P P O R T


There are different ways in which you can support the work of
the association.

Become a member
Become a member of Imperathomas e. V. for 12 Euros per
year and support our work for a whole year. Year. We have
deliberately set the annual contribution so low that people who are willing to help and have little financial resources can also get involved. But: We are happy about every cent extra. The higher your voluntary annual contribution, the more you help the association in its work.


Donations in kind and money
Support our work with donations in kind and money.
Each company can be listed as a sponsor with its own name
and logo on our website and Facebook page. Of course, you
will receive our consent to use our logo and the figure of
Imperathomas to indicate your social commitment.

Especially for our donation tombolas, we are continuously
dependent on donations in kind. Consciously, we do not raffle
off rivets. That adds up: We need between 500 and 2,500 prizes per raffle. Private donors reach their limits very quickly here, which is why we are specifically looking for cooperation with companies that want to support us regularly with donations in kind.


Which donations in kind we accept gladly:

In principle, we accept almost anything that represents an
adequate price and is (if possible) suitable for children and
young people.
Very welcome are toys, ideally with reference to Star Wars™.
But also every other article - from the sticker set to the fountain pen for school - is gladly taken by us. Corporate giveaways such as flashlights, play sets or balls are also welcome.

We also gladly accept B-goods or used articles. All articles are
checked by us. If they are not suitable for a raffle, they go to
our charity flea market.

As much as we would like, we cannot accept the following
donations in kind:
• Food or luxury food (incl. sweets, drinks, spirits, tobacco etc.)
• Used clothing
• Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
• Articles which are in any way contrary to applicable laws or
• Articles related to religion or politics
• Articles which may not be made accessible to persons under
18 years of age.


H O W  W E  C A N  S U P P O R T  Y O U


You want to organize an event in your company or give your shop a special touch? You want to point out your social commitment and your cooperation with us at the same time? Then we should talk to each other.

Many of our members are active in costume groups and have
extremely professional, detailed costumes with reference to the Star Wars saga. This turns every event into a galactic happening.

Especially for children - but not only those - an unforgettable

We look forward to supporting you with your next event.

T H E  I M P E R A T H O M A S - C H A R I T Y- C O N


Once a year the Imperathomas Charity-Con - short „Ccon“ -
takes place. This professional charity event is organized by
the association itself. It thematically addresses all small and big Star Wars™ fans and includes an extensive supporting
programme. Besides star guests from the Star Wars™ films,
who give autographs and with whom the fans can be
photographed, we offer visitors an unforgettable day:
Lectures, artists and illustrators, workshops, stage programme, dealers and exhibitors, tombola, demonstrations of fan groups and much more!


All net proceeds go to the
Stiftung Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe!

B E C O M E  A  P A R T N E R  O R  S P O N S O R  O F  S O M E T H I N G         I M P O R TA N T


Even if many people work in the background for free - without
the potent support of partners it is simply not possible to
organize such an event.

Sponsoring and partnerships Tailored to the requirements of today‘s companies, we offer a variety of sponsoring and partnership packages. For example, at Ccon you can act as main sponsor or sponsor of a single area.

No matter which package you choose: In addition to professional handling and implementation of your  specifications, you will of course receive an invoice with VAT.

If desired, we can also call you and your company by name.
The presentation will be published on our Facebook pages, our Ccon homepage and of course on advertising media directly at the event.

We would also be happy to support you with your own events.
Talk to us!


Ccon Tombola

Support us with donations in kind for the big charity tombola
at the Ccon. You can read on page 8 which donations in kind
these could be.

Help us to continue our voluntary work for the benefit of
the children. The Charity-Con offers you an extraordinary